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The Ryde DATV receiver is designed to work with an Infrared remote control handset.

Infrared sensor

A Infrared sensor is needed on the receiver and can be one salvaged from an old consumer electronic part or purchased new - typical example is https://uk.farnell.com/vishay/tsop2438/ir-receiver-45m-0-12mw-m2-side/dp/4913097


These sensors are 3 legged devices with +ve ground and output. The +ve should be connected to a 3.3v supply via a suitable resistor and the output is connected directly to pin 11 of the RPi GPIO port.

5 volt devices

Older devices may need to be used on a +5v supply and must be fitted with a resistor to ground on the high impedance output to reduce the voltage to 3.3v for the Rpi GPIO port.

Connect 5v to the device and use an oscilloscope to measure the voltage on the output - connect a 47K resistor to ground and check the level drops to 3.3v - if not adjust the resistor value to suit.

Remote control Handset

The following remotes are already programmed in to the standard firmware:

  • Remote 1 - Simple NEC remote
  • Remote 2 - Nebula DigiTV DVB-T USB receiver
  • Remote 3 - Ebay DVB-T / DVB-S combo box
  • Remote 4 -

You can select the remote control by SSH in to the Ryde main menu > 4 Remote > 2 Set RC type

Using a custom remote control

The Ryde receiver can be customised to use an suitable remote control - note not all remote controls will work.

You can program the Ryde to use a different type of remote by SSH the Ryde main menu > 4 Remote > 3 Check RC codes

  • This takes you to the command line.
  • Press the buttons on your remote control and note the code displayed against each button pressed


If you do program a different remote control plus publish details on this dedicated forum page - link TBD

If you do have a different remote control but are unable to program it, please post a request on the forum page - link TBD