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==Software and Documentation==

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Winter Hill

The Winter Hill receiver project by Brian G4EWJ with hindrance occasional help from Mike G0MJW. It uses the BATC Advanced receiver hardware.

The software will run on the Raspberry Pi4 desktop environment providing a multi-channel receiver capable of receiving up to four channels simultaneously.


December 2020 - Currently the project is at the design phase with a proof of concept receiver working on breadboard hardware.

February 2021 - beta testing in progress

March 2021 - First production PCBs expected


The PCB design by Mike G0MJW is based on a completely new concept, BATC Advanced DATV Receiver, supporting two SERIT tuners with an integrated Raspberry PI4 and PICs. No USB module is required. This supports 4 simultaneous receivers in either a set top box mode, with the PI desktop, or headless, or a combination of these.

Version 0.1

Feasibility design which worked fine

Version 0.2

A prototype that was also built by several beta testers. Two pin programming jumper instead of 3 pin and didn't fit in the box.

Version 1

First general release PCB - Likely release March 2021

Software and Documentation