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The 8 channel input audio switch was designed to meet the needs of the GB3SQ TV repeater.

It is controlled by i2c and is supported by the BATC repeater controller DATV Repeater i2c Interface

i2c commands are listed in the MCP23089datasheet here.

It can be configured as an 8 channel mixer with two outputs or as two 4 channel mixers with one output each. The 8 switch elements are addressed via I2C.

8ch audio switch.jpg

Schematics and BOM

REPEATER I2C Audio Switch V2022 rrb.png

Schematic: media:REPEATER I2C Audio Switch V2022 SCH.pdf

Parts list: File:REPEATER I2C AUDIO SWITCH PARTS V2022.xlsx

Gerber files

A zip file containing the Gerber files enabling PCBs to be made is available here File:REPEATER I2C AUDIO SWITCH V2022.zip


  • There are alternative parts for the pots. They have different rotations. Before submitting the parts list choose the pot and between Molex and screw terminals.
  • CT6ER103-ND is inserted with the wiper in the square pad, the others go 180° opposite
  • This PCB uses tantalum capacitors - the bar on the case indicates +ve and not - ve as it does on some electrolytic capacitors.