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The BATC Event Streaming Equipment consists of:

2 Cameras

HDMI to SDI Converters

Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio

PC with Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI interface card and BD-ROM drive

Cyclone HDMI Media Player

Sennheiser Radio mic Receiver

TP-Link Router

The Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio is a 1U rack-mount unit with 4 HDMI Inputs and 4 SDI inputs controlled by the PC

The PC is based on an Asus H1101 Plus D3 Motherboard with an Intel I3-6100 3.7 GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM. The OS is intalled on a 64 GB AGILITY 3 SSD, and there are 2 ST30064 500 GB HDs for storing recordings. It runs Windows 7 Professional, and the following applications:

ATEM Television Studio Software Control Version 6.9

Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility Version 10.7

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2

MX Light V2.4 H264 Pro Recorder

VLC Version 2.2.4

vMix Version 17.0.107

Licences for Windows 7 and MX Light are held on behalf of the club by G8GTZ. Notes from the last PC re-build


The PC and the ATEM are connected to the LAN ( created by the TP-Link Router. The WAN port on the router is connected to an Internet connection if streaming is required. A USB lead is run from the ATEM to the PC to allow the IP address of the ATEM to be set if a change is required (it needs to be manually set, but does have non-volatile memory). The ATEM is controlled through the ATEM control application on the PC, and the inputs, preview and program are displayed on an HDMI display connected directly to the ATEM.

The HDMI output of the ATEM is connected to the Blackmagic capture card in the PC. Note that all HDMI on the system must be configured to 1080i 25 fps. No other setting works.

If Flash Media Live Encoder is to be used for streaming, the following settings work well with the new BATC Streaming Server:

Device: Blackmagic WDM Capture

Format: H264

Frame Rate: 25.00 fps

Input Size: 1920x1080, tick Maintain Aspect Ratio

Bit Rate: 800 Kpbs Output Size 1280x720

Select the Advanced Encoder Settings (the spanner next to H264) and select:

Profile: Main

Level: 3.1 (note level 4 is required for 1920x1080 streaming)

Keyframe Frequency: 5 Seconds

For the new streamer, the FMS URL is rtmp:// Enter the streamname-streamkey in the Stream: box.

vMix can also be used for streaming:

Video Bit Rate: 800, Encode Size: 1280x720, Audio Bit Rate: 96

Profile: Main, Level: 3.1, Present: slow, Keyframe frequency: 5 seconds. Threads: 4, Network buffer: 10, Audio Format: AAC.

Streaming Destination: Custom RTMP Server, URL: rtmp://, Name or key: streamname-streamkey

Input size: 1280x720, Frame Rate: 25, Quality: H264 720p 800kbps AAC 96kbps, Application FFMPEG.

Normal Set-up

In normal operation, the 2 cameras output HDMI to HDMI-SDI Converters, and SDI is run over 75 ohm cables back to the mixer/streaming desk. Any projector video is also converted to SDI and routed back to the desk. Audio handling is venue dependent.

Dave, G8GKQ, 8 Sep 16.