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The BATC hosted a number of presentations covering the latest equipment, modes and operating techniques at the Convention for Amateur Television 2016 (CAT 16) at Cosford on 24/25 September.

The presentations and videos are linked below.


Presentation Slides Youtube Video
New BATC Streamer and Internet Presence

Phil Crump, M0DNY

Slides Video
V/UHF Propagation

Dr Mike Willis, G0MJW

Slides Video
Video Matrix ATV Repeater Controller

Dave Williams, G8PUO

Slides Video
CQ-TV, Your Magazine!

Frank Heritage, M0AEU

Slides Video
MiniTioune and SuperTioune

Jean-Pierre Courjaud, F6DZP

Slides Video
Receiving and Presenting HamTV from the ISS

Noel Matthews, G8GTZ

Slides Video


Presentation Slides Youtube Video
146 MHz RB-TV: A Practical Operators Guide

Shaun O'Sullivan, G8VPG

Slides Video
A Software-Driven Repeater

Chris, MW0LLK

Slides Video
Es'hail-2: Geostationary transponder for DATV

Graham Shirville, G3VZV and Dave Crump, G8GKQ

Slides Video
DATV Express and Future Developments

Charles Brain, G4GUO

None Video

The BGM Presentation and recording can be found on the main BATC website (when published)

Video Recordings from previous ATV Conventions can be found on the BATC YouTube Channel here: