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The British Amateur Television Club Privacy Policy

Who are we?

The BATC is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote the hobby of Amateur Television and is run by an elected committee of members, for its ordinary members, on a voluntary basis.

The legal basis for processing your data

When you join or rejoin the BATC or register to use the BATC forum, we will ask you for some personal information which we will use to provide you with membership or online services. As you will be about to or have already entered into a contract with the BATC, your consent to do this is given when you complete the application form in print or electronically on the BATC web site.

What personal data do we hold?

The BATC will hold your name, callsign (if applicable), user names, encrypted passwords using a one-way hash and e-mail address. In addition to this we may record membership details such as date of joining, renewal date, membership type, member number, home address, billing address and permissions to club services such as streamer access.

Why we need it?

Your information will be used to process orders placed in the online shop for electronic parts, membership subscriptions and merchandise; these purchase details are retained in your membership account information. We do not hold any personal financial details such as credit card or PayPal account information.

Occasionally, we will send e-mails or letters to remind you when your subscription is due, when CQ-TV is available to download or when providing information about the activities of the BATC.

Your data will not be given to third parties and is only available to the Club's Committee to operate and run the club as outlined above.

Where is it held?

Our website and database systems are based in the UK and we will make every effort to keep your data inside the EU, however for internal administrative purposes it may occasionally be required for your data to be temporarily transferred outside the EU using secure means to other IT systems in our control. By accepting this policy you give us consent to transfer your data outside the EU in a secure and confidential manner.

How long will we keep it?

Your details will be deleted from our membership database 12 months after membership expiry. They will be retained in our financial records for UK tax purposes for up to 6 years, after which they will be deleted.

The BATC Privacy Statement is available for download here File:BATCPrivacy6a.pdf - this download should be treated as the authorised document rather than this wiki page.

If you have any questions about the BATC and the GDPR, please contact the Membership Secretary ( or Chairperson (