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This is a centralised index of Gerber Files which have been used for BATC and BATC Members' projects.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors, but they are listed here to promote home construction and experimentation.

Files should be uploaded as .zip files, and should also be referenced from another Wiki page describing the project.

Ryde Front Panel

The Ryde Front Panel Push Button PCB as descried here: Ryde_Hardware#Ryde_front_panel

ADF4351 PIC Controller

The ADF4351 PIC Controller described here: ADF435x_PIC

DATV Repeater Audio Switch

The DATV Repeater Audio Switch as described here DATV_repeater_audio_switch


G0MJW's Ryde board

This is like a plug in board for the PI4 that provides the 5V PSU, a cooling option and Ryde IO interface. The information is all below. There are two PSU options, only one is required. All fairly simple. These Gerbers are set up for JLC PCB. In theory all you need to do is upload the zip file with the gerbers and select quantity, solder mask colour and postage options. The BOM is an HTML file in the ibom zip.



G0MJW's PD4 board

TBC (after CAT22)

This is a PCB to implement a Portsdown 4 with 25 pid connector for interfacing to test equipment.


Schematic File:P4GPIO.pdf



G0MJW's HF3 relay board

Here's Mike's design for a SPDT relay PCB. The relay is General Purpose Relay, HF3 Series, High Frequency, Non Latching, SPDT, 12 VDC, 2 A. Part number is dependant on the voltage in use in circuit. A surface mount diode e.g 1N4148 type, Molex KK connector and 3 SMA to PCB unions complete the build.

HF3 Relay board.JPG


LNB bias tee and reference injection PCB

PCB Gerbers for the LNB Bias T and reference injection by Mike G0MJW in CQ-TV263 – or see BATC forum for more details:


M0RNW's G8TA Rx/Tx Changeover Controller Board

This is v1 designed for a latching relay of up to 6 into 1 ports using an Arduino Nano. Hopefully it features in CQ-TV-279. PCB is intended for rail mounting in a 3U cabinet.

Three SN754410NE H bridge driver ICs are used. The DC-DC boost converters are XL4005 type boards off EBay. U2 can be omitted - it's for an 18V supply to an LNB. Other components - see schematic.

G8TA Portsdown RxTx Changeover -1.jpg


Schematic File:RxTx-Changeover.pdf_revised_20230207.pdf

Sketch for Arduino NanoFile:RxTxChangeoverV1.ino