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This page provides links to detailed technical information about the Portsdown.

Portsdown 4 Test Cards

The Portsdown 4 has the capability to use Custom Test Cards. More details here Portsdown Test Cards

Use with a LinkPi Encoder

The Portsdown 4 and LimeSDR can accept an input from a LinkPi encoder to enable H265 transmissions. Full details here IPTS_Input_to_Portsdown_with_the_LimeSDR

The Portsdown DATV Receiver

DVB-S/S2 Reception

MiniTiouner Power Level Indication

Using the Ryde software alongside Portsdown

GPIOs and Band Switching

Portsdown 2020 (Raspberry Pi 3) GPIO Pin Mapping

Portsdown 4 (Raspberry Pi 4) GPIO Pin Mapping

Updated Band Switching

Portsdown 4 Langstone Integration

Portsdown 4 Langstone Integration

Portsdown 4 LimeRFE Integration

Portsdown 4 LimeRFE Integration

Setting up Wifi on the Portsdown 4

Portsdown 4 WiFi

The Portsdown 4 File Menu

A number of non-RF functions are available from the Portsdown 4 File Menu, accessible from Menu 2.

Error Messages

Config File Error Messages