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Welcome to the British Amateur Television Club Wiki - the place to find information on all Amateur Television related equipment and projects. For details on how to join the BATC, the member's shop and CQ-TV archive and download visit the BATC website

This is your site, developed by the BATC for use by the worldwide ATV community - any information which you feel is of use to others can be put on the Wiki but please observe any copyright restrictions on the material you use. 
  • For information on the MiniTiouner USB DATV receiver go to MiniTiouner


New to Amateur TV?

BATC Information and services

  • The BATC archive Collection of photos and documents from BATC's past

BATC projects

CQ-TV Magazine

BATC Event Streaming Equipment

BATC Conventions

Presentations from previous conventions can be found on this page BATC Conventions

National and International Events

  • EMFcamp 2024 BATC / AMSAT-UK / UKuG demonstration village at EMFcamp 2024.

HAMTV on the ISS

HAMTV from the ISS

Getting on the air with ATV

The ATV bands

The different ATV modes

Equipment Options

Advanced encoding / input options

Details of advanced transmission configurations, primarily for H265,and video production software.


ATV repeaters


ATV projects

Deutschsprachiges Wiki

  • Portsdown DATV Projekt - Deutschsprachiges Wiki
  • Minitioune(r) - Deutschsprachiges Wiki

Useful Circuits and notes

ATV Equipment manuals and schematics

Ex commercial broadcast equipment manuals

Test equipment Information

For HP and Agilent equipment see the io group discussion at [1]

Other equipment information related to ATV